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About Our Center

EBSH (Enneagram Based Spiritual Healing) helps you discover the hidden spirituality and talent within your face, allowing the healing of body and mind to emerge. Throughout the healing program, we do not use checklists or descriptions that are prone to subjective thought. Rather, we allow participants to face their inner self, guiding them to the true self based on the honest, internal resources.

About Our Director

Hwang In Sook

Anna Hwang

After experiencing a miracle of healing from Severe chronic active hepatitis, Director Hwang has worked as a writer at Catholic Peace Broadcast. Currently, she is helping the patients heal by explaining her healing miracle in a scientific language that all can understand. She has graduated from Kyung-hee University’s Undergraduate program and Seoul University of Buddhism’s Master Program. She has also served as the Chairman of the Korea Mind-Body Healing Association, as well as the Advisor of the Korean Natural Medicine Association.

Recent Publication By Our Director

Spirituality and Talent Hidden in Face

「A book providing a detailed plan for spirituality, body, and mind healing, through acknowledging the negative mindset that originates from personality type’s frame. 」